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Services and Solutions

Set your sights high – and get ready to surpass them.

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, businesses are challenged to do more with less. To maintain an advantage in this fast-paced, uncertain economic environment, your organization must optimize its resources, secure timely access to data and effectively collaborate through consistent, repeatable processes.

Capstone can help you meet these mandates by improving your current business practices. You’ll gain greater visibility, insight and control of your programs and projects. Our solutions will lead to increased profitability, higher quality, more timely delivery and greater adherence to budget parameters. Your organization will be able to accurately plan and efficiently control its output through optimized internal processes. You’ll stay focused on worthwhile endeavors, while eliminating cumbersome and unnecessary tasks.

Our in-depth experience across multiple industries gives us a unique understanding of best practices in project management. We work with you to form a customized solution that aligns business processes with strategic objectives. Our people become a seamless extension of your workforce, performing superior services at competitive rates. You’ll find that we do the job right the first time, saving you time and money.

Since 1994, Capstone has met the project management needs of Fortune 50 companies and small businesses alike.

Project Management

Project management solutions from Capstone can help you attain results by aligning strategic objectives with business practices. Our project management services include:

  • Design Professional Prequalification, Bid Invitation, Evaluation & Selection
  • Permit Process Control
  • Construction Document Quality Assurance Review
  • Project Budget Development & Control
  • Project Schedule Development & Control
  • Risk & Contingency Analysis
  • Contractor Prequalification, Bid Invitation, Evaluation & Selection
  • Design & Construction Contract Formation and Administration
  • Manage EPMS implementations
  • Manage Project Management Office (PMO) implementations
  • Auditing
  • Budget/Business Analysis
  • Earned Value Management
  • Project Forensics
  • PM&I-specific Project Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Cost Controls

Project Management Process Development

  • Develop project management policies and procedures
  • Project Management Office (PMO) Setup and Implementation
  • Implement processes into an automated environment (i.e., Microsoft Project, Primavera, etc.)
  • Business Process Development
  • Maturity Assessments
  • Procedure Development
  • Program Assessments

Project Management Systems

Project Management integration with third-party vendors

System Integrations are necessary to assist clients with the implementation of an Enterprise Project Management System and third-party or custom applications. Capstone consultants will work with you to determine the best solution to meet your requirements. We have successfully integrated Project Management Systems with a variety of software packages, including Lawson, Oracle Financials, and in-house applications.

Project Management Tools

Capstone has world-class expertise in the Primavera lines of products as well as Microsoft Project.

Microsoft Project Customization

Capstone can provide a variety of customization options for Microsoft Project. We have provided custom project guides displaying specific business methods. Using the PDS (Project Data Service), we have used the on-line secure connections to the Microsoft Project Server database for check in/out functionality as well as a project listing to refresh the displayed reports on a digital dashboard.


CPM scheduling is also a core service provided by Capstone. We continually improve this capability through diversity of software competencies and technology advancements in order to provide cutting edge planning, integration and reporting expertise. Every client and project is unique. Each project presents different sets of standards and requirements. Capstone tailors the scheduling and reporting systems to meet the specific parameters and constraints that may be established for a project. We also optimize the efficiencies of these management systems to provide the most effective planning, execution, monitoring and control capabilities for our clients and projects.

Capstone provides clients with planning and scheduling support for all project phases, from development and predesign through construction closeout. Our staff has several Primavera (P3, P6 and the full suite of products), SureTrak, Expedition, and Microsoft Project software qualified experts. Services that we provide include:

  • Design and Pre-Construction Planning
  • Project Master and Life Cycle Planning
  • CPM Schedule Development, Implementation, Review and Analysis
  • Progress and Performance Measurement
  • Schedule Resource and Cost Loading Management
  • Change Control
  • Recovery Schedule Development, Implementation, Review and Analysis
  • Delay, Disruption, Impact, and Acceleration Analysis
  • Schedule System Development and Integration

Claims Analysis and Resolution

Capstone offers claims analysis and resolution as one of its core services to clients whose projects require professional third-party services. Our professional staff has extensive and demonstrated expertise in assisting clients to favorably resolve outstanding issues on projects. Our focus is to provide clients with the strength and experience necessary for success. Capstone professionals will review and analyze conformance with contract documents, review documentation and transmittals for accuracy, determine the integrity and tractability of events to help define responsibility, and help document the events and causes that may have impacted the baseline schedule’s critical path.

  • Cost Analysis
  • Change Order Review/Negotiation Claim Assessment
  • Schedule Delay, Disruption, Impact and Acceleration Analysis
  • Settlement Negotiation
  • Litigation Support
  • Arbitration Support
  • Expert Reporting and Testimony

Constructability Review

The Capstone team can help ensure the integrity of the contract documents with thorough review and analysis, helping to ultimately achieve positive project outcomes. We can review architectural drawings and specifications to make sure they are both in agreement. Our professionals review codes, scheduling and specifications to identify potential conflicts or omissions in construction plans.

  • Program and scope review – reviews program and scope for completeness
  • Constructability Review – review of the construct ability of the design and construction process.
  • Code Review – make sure all local, state, and federal codes are included, addressed, and followed.
  • Peer Review – additional professionals from the office (a fresh set of eyes) review the documents.

Construction Project Management

  • Define work breakdown and scopes, develop bid package documentation, manage pre-qualification of interested bidders, prepare and transmit RFP’s, evaluation and prepare recommendations to Owner for selection, issue notices to proceed, prepare/distribute contracts, administer designer and contractor compliance to these contracts.
  • Project Permitting – work with all local/county/state/federal permitting agencies to acquire all necessary permitting for the project(s)
  • Construction document quality assurance review – review construction documents to check for accuracy, completeness, and other quality issues to assure quality
  • Project budget development & control – develop project budgets and implement systems for reporting and controlling the costs
  • Project schedule development & control – provide project planning and CPM scheduling support for all project phases.

Construction Management

Capstone provides construction management services to ensure the success of your project, starting with project planning and continuing through construction closeout and move-in. We commit these assurances to your project team through a staff of knowledgeable professionals who profile extensive and diversified experience in planning and design, construction contracting, field operations, and state-of-the-art project control systems.

  • Project Advertisement & Bidding – manage the advertisement of the project, collection of project bids, and contractor selection
  • Project Phasing – provide development and management of project phasing
  • Cost Control (CM) – controls costs of the project through project estimating and close contact with bidders
  • Schedule Control – control schedule of the project through use of scheduling software
  • Document Control – review submitted documents from architects, engineers, and contractors for completeness and accuracy
  • Quality Control – provide quality checks of work in progress throughout the project to assure a quality product
  • Project Closeout – review final checklist of all completed work and approval of all final paper work
  • Pay Application Review & Approval – review and/or approve contractor applications for payment

Cost Estimating

Capstone provides cost management services from project programming through final design document estimates. We understand the importance of having accurate, traceable, and audit-proof cost estimates and of providing a structured and timely approach to developing, reviewing and implementing approved estimates into the construction management process.

  • Project Program Estimating – cost estimating for the entire project program
  • Conceptual design Estimating – cost estimating for conceptual design phase of the program
  • Schematic Design Estimating – cost estimating for schematic design phase of the program
  • Design Development Estimating – cost estimating for design development phase of the program
  • Construction Documents Estimating – cost estimating for 50%, 90%, and 100% construction documents phase of the program

IT Development

Web Based Reporting Applications

In today’s complex business environment, organizations need to be able to report on data from multiple sources and provide access to this data internally and over the Internet. Our custom web based reporting applications are flexible and easy-to-use systems, which provide the information you need to manage the business more efficiently and cost-effectively. The benefits include increased productivity, reduced costs, better access to timely information and increased security.

Database/Application Development
Custom Database Development

Capstone’s development staff specializes in custom database design, application development and maintenance, using our expertise in a variety of industry standard tools. Using the System Development Life Cycle process for developing information systems (requirement gathering, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance), we can provide any assistance you might need in developing your database/application.

System Integration

Information Technology solutions at times need to communicated or be integrated. This process means having your applications properly configured and maintained. Capstone’s integrations have reduced business costs, extended the life of existing software, improved customer service and improved processing time.

CMMS Implementation

Capstone provides full consulting services for Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). From initial project evaluations/project plans, software selection advisory services, software implementation services, short and long-term consulting, report writing, training, integration to other technology, to software upgrades Capstone can help you achieve your goals.

Document Management and Control Processes

Document management systems enable organizations to create and store documents electronically. Simple, secure access, up-to-date information and clear presentation of process documentation is what we have provided to clients. Clients have been able to manage and make better use of their information, reduce the amount of paper stored, simultaneously access information and implement version control.


Capstone offers a wide range of training courses based on “real world experiences”. Courses can be held at the client site or at any Capstone location and are often tailored to each business need, corporate environment and culture by our experienced trainers.

Training Approach

Capstone believes that the effective transfer of Project Management, Information Management and/or Construction Management knowledge to your company and its people can make the difference between success and failure of future projects. Projects are typically the enablers of corporate business objectives, and Capstone’s professional staff can teach you the planning, managing and control methods, values and deliverables to facilitate their success.

From direct one-on-one training to team seminars and workshops, courses are designed so that each individual and key person understands what to do in order to improve current efforts. Another benefit of our training is the commitment to improvement attendees feel when they’re ready to go back to work, instead of the typical compliance to top down directives. The philosophy behind all Capstone training courses is the transfer of practical, relevant experience based on real life scenarios, as our courses are driven by your business needs.

Training classes are available on both Project Management and software topics:

  • Defining high level business, performance and success factors
  • Plan, manage and control process summary and value
  • Project management Charter
  • Project management return on investment
  • Project management ‘Fit’ in an organization
  • Executive sponsorship
  • Project manager selection and performance reviews
  • The project management office concept, practice and value
  • Roles, Responsibility and Authority Matrix
  • The Work Breakdown Structure
    • Definition and value
    • Design team
    • Methods and formats
    • Plan, manage and control levels
    • Reviews
    • Numbering and integration with Accounting and Purchasing
    • Multi-project integration
    • Ownership
    • Changes
  • The Work Breakdown Structure Dictionary and Related Scoping Documents
    • Definition and value
    • Authors
    • Format and Content
    • Development Process
    • Reviews
    • Numbering and Traceability
    • Ownership
    • Changes
  • The Risk Assessment
    • Definition and value
    • Authors
    • Format and Content
    • Timing and Frequency
    • Development Process
    • Risk critical path
    • Ownership
    • Changes
  • The Estimate
    • Definition and value
    • Authors
    • Format and Content
    • Resource Dictionary
    • Skill Mix
    • Development Process
    • Basis of Estimate Reviews
    • Numbering and Traceability
    • Ownership
    • Changes
  • The Schedule
    • Definitions and value
    • Authors
    • Format and content
    • Development process
    • Numbering and Traceability
    • Primary and secondary critical path reviews
    • Resource analysis
    • Resource leveling
    • Data Multi-project integration Integration with Accounting, Purchasing and Maintenance (as necessary)
    • Risk assessment integration
    • Integration with other databases
    • Basic progressing, analyses and reporting
    • Earned value utilization
    • Ownership
    • Changes
  • The Project Management Plan
    • Definition and value
    • Authors
    • Format and content
    • Degree of Rigor
  • The Work Authorization Plan
      ” Definition and value ” Authors ” Format and content ” Formality and degree of rigor
  • The Change Control Plan
    • Definition and value
    • Definition of a change
    • Format and content
    • Formality and degree of rigor
    • Submittal, analysis and review process
    • Change control board types and process
    • Change control log and tracking
  • The Time Tracking Plan
    • Definition and value
    • Format and content
    • Formality and degree of rigor
    • Progress integration
    • Accounting integration
  • Other Plans:
    • Risk Management Plan
    • Project Controls Plan
    • Communications Plan
    • QA Plan
    • Configuration Management Plan
  • Other related topics:
    • Customer & stakeholder involvement
    • Project Manager involvement in the development of the integrated cost, schedule and scope baseline
    • Program Management vs. Project Management
    • The Program Management Office vs. the Project Management Office
    • Phased approaches to project planning
    • Database integration methods and values
    • Continuing education in project management and membership in related organizations