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Our in-depth experience across multiple industries gives us a unique understanding and knowledge of the “best practices” required throughout all phases of our client’s projects. We work with you to provide a customized solution that aligns our expert knowledge with your strategic objectives. Our people become a seamless extension of your workforce, performing superior services at competitive rates. You’ll find that we do the job right the first time, saving you time and money. Click on the links to the left to learn more about Capstone’s extensive portfolio of experience.

Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico

los alamosDeveloped and continue to support a reporting system for Los Alamos National Laboratory (Environmental Management group – ENV/ECR) which integrates data from different systems to provide project management reports. The system, called EMRS, integrates Primavera schedules, FMIS (an accounting/financial management system), and Access data to produce monthly reports and charts detailing project schedule and cost progress. It also features automated data exports and reports from the Primavera schedules.

Capstone was engaged in 2003 to develop supply chain business process workflow models for Supply Chain Management at LANL. The process involved interviewing business process experts to ascertain workflows and requirements drivers.

Capstone was engaged in 2000 in supporting the Pit Manufacturing and Certification Plan. Topics included programmatic interfaces, supporting resource requirements, and needed construction and modifications to facilities.

Lockheed Martin, Boulder, Colorado

sbirsLockheed Martin Corporation, an advanced technology company, was formed in March 1995 with the merger of two of the world’s premier technology companies, Lockheed Corporation and Martin Marietta Corporation. Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin, employs approximately 140,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture and integration of advanced technology systems, products and services.

Capstone is currently contracting with Lockheed Martin to provide various scheduling services and support for the Spaced Based Infrared Systems (SBIRS) program. Spaced Based Infrared Systems (SBIRS) High is a developmental program that was designed to replace the space and ground segments of the US satellite Early Warning System, known as the Defense Support Program (DSP). Capstone provides scheduling and support services which include: maintaining weekly schedules, working with the client to model and implement all baseline and forecast changes, developing tools to run weekly schedule “health checks” metrics as well as automating current manual processes and enforcing continued adherence to scheduling “best practices”.

Washington Group International/Dept. of Energy – Savannah River Site

Supporting the Department of Energy’s (DOE) program to dispose of excess nuclear materials, the Pit Disassembly and Conversion Facility (PDCF) at Savannah River is being designed and constructed to disassemble the weapon “pits” and convert the nuclear material to an oxide form for fabrication into reactor fuel. Washington Group International is responsible for the engineering and design of this facility.

Capstone has been providing project scheduling services for the engineering, design, construction and startup phases of the PDCF utilizing Primavera scheduling software. Additional support also includes database design and implementation for tracking schedule variance analysis data and change control configuration management data. This implementation is done using advanced Microsoft Access Modules with VBA.

Bechtel – Nevada, Nevada Test Site, Las Vegas, Nevada

Capstone is currently engaged the Nevada Test Site to perform project controls support by developing Integrated Project Baseline Schedules for Bechtel Nevada’s Homeland Security Technologies Program. The Homeland Securities Technologies Program supports the Department of Homeland Security Directorates of Science and Technology and Domestic Nuclear Detection Office in their ongoing efforts to develop State of the Art technology for the detection of Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear devices that pose a threat to the US. Duties include Programmatic strategic planning, risk analysis and development of appropriate mitigation strategies, cost estimate and schedule development, project risk analysis, development of Project Control and Execution Plans, project performance and earned value analysis, and weekly and monthly reports to internal BN organizations and external clients (DOE, DHS) regarding funding status and forecasts at completion.

Current projects include:

  • The Test and Evaluation of Radiological and Nuclear Detection Devices – This is a series of tests sponsored by the department of Homeland Securities Domestic Nuclear detection Office which will develop the next generation of devices used for the detection of nuclear materials that may be smuggled across the US borders as part of the regular “Stream of Commerce”. Capstone personnel provide planning, scheduling, estimating, analysis, and project management support to this project.
  • The Test and Evaluation Radiation and Nuclear Facility Base operations – This project is the basic operating and maintenance (O&M) of this test facility. Capstone personnel provide planning, scheduling, cost controls and integration of technical and management support services to this project.

CH2M WG Idaho, LLC, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Provided inventory management and supply chain support, including:

  • Direct vs. indirect charge employees with cost determinations
  • Inventory management practices, including accounting methods
  • Charge back costing to recover warehouse operations and inventory management costs
  • WBS input and cost accounting structures

Kaiser-Hill/Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, Golden, Colorado

Capstone provided a number of project management services to Kaiser-Hill, the Integrating Management Contractor at the Department of Energy’s Rocky Flats Technology Site (RFETS) since 1995, assisting in the day to day management and development of the project controls system. Capstone developed schedules to support Kaiser-Hill’s initial strategic plan to support entire site closure. Scope also included collection and management of monthly status updates for projects, including collecting remaining duration, percent complete and actual start and finish dates. Capstone was responsible for updating the “working schedule” on a regular basis to reflect corrective action plans. Capstone performed monthly cost/schedule reporting and maintained the project baseline through Baseline Change Control Procedures and utilized Primavera Project Planner to forecast receipt of waste from waste generators.

Capstone also developed the web-based elements of a project controls system, which has been used at the site until shut-down. The web-based functionality included: project milestone status updates; accounting data uploads; project performance reports; and cost reports. Capstone satisfied the client’s requirement that the web-based forms and reports have the equivalent or better functionality as the client’s existing client/server system. In addition, the web-based reports had a new, hierarchical drill-down capability.

CH2M Hill – Hanford Group, Hanford Site, Department of Energy, Richland, Washington

Capstone was engaged as a subcontractor for CH2MHill to provide various scheduling and project controls services for the Hanford Site Tank Farm for 3 years. Responsibilities included establishing schedule and cost baselines, gap analysis, earned value modeling and implementing templates and procedures.

Capstone’s most recent engagement (2005) with the Hanford Site involved scheduling and project controls services, which included resource loading field schedules utilizing P3e and other software, critical path analysis, reporting schedule status through interface with various departments and general schedule status reporting and oversight.

Central Federal Lands Highway Division (CFLHD), Lakewood, Colorado – Numerous Highway Design Projects (Current)

Capstone is the prime consultant to Central Federal Lands Highway Division (CFLHD), providing scheduling and cost control support for the design and construction of all proposed CFLHD road and highway projects. There are currently 4 Capstone professionals engaged at CFLHD. They utilize Primavera (P3e/c) and Progress Reporter System Administration to work on over 200 projects planned through FY2012. The schedules consist of approximately 6,000 activities, of which approximately 2,000 are completed. Additional client agencies include the Forest Service, National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Some notable projects include Mesa Verde (entrance road), Yosemite, Hoover Dam Bypass (bridge design) and approach roads, Grand Canyon (visitors center, roads), Imperial Highway in Arizona, Beartooth Highway in Wyoming, Saddle Road in Hawaii, and Guanella Pass in Colorado.

In addition, Capstone personnel developed the CFLHD Scheduling Reference Guide. This guide is to provide the user with the procedure guidelines for using Primavera Project Planner (P3). This comprehensive document is currently utilized throughout CFLHD as their P3 scheduling reference guide.

Southwest Airlines – Site-wide Management Solution (Completed)

Capstone consultants customized, configured, and deployed Microsoft Project Server to support an existing business process. This was a comprehensive, site-wide Enterprise Opportunity Management Initiative to which training and on-going support were provided.

Capstone not only worked with each “user community” to identify the existing detailed procedures that supported the established project management methodology, but identified the procedures that needed to be developed to meet the requirements of the established methodology. Capstone documented and integrated these procedures to structure one uniform set of procedures for each identified “user community.” (e.g., templates, process flows, forms, checklists, etc.) To facilitate this initiative, Capstone performed a Best Practices Assessment, developed standard project templates and project guides.

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)/Parsons Brinckerhoff, Atlanta, Georgia – Capital Improvement Program Integration (Completed)

Approximate Value: $4 billion
MARTA, as part of its strategic and long range planning efforts, needed to assemble a database covering the condition of the assets in its current inventory. The resulting data is now being used to forecast capital funding needs and schedules for virtually all of MARTA’s current assets. Capstone provided MARTA with a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) tool to help manage the complex nature of managing their projects within the fiscal restraints of the budget. The CIP is a process which integrates the capital program data into a series of comprehensive reports defining scope, schedule and budget for all of MARTA’s capital projects. Through the use of Primavera, SureTrak and Microsoft Access, “what-if” analyses can be performed to compare funding requirements or schedules for different groups of capital projects.

Southern New Jersey Light Rail Transit (SNJLRT) Project/AW Hutchinson (Completed)

Approximate Value: $600 million
SNJLRT is a 35 mile commuter rail line that will run from Trenton NJ to Camden NJ to be shared by freight and commuter traffic. Project Management contract specifications included the development of several rolling wave schedules over the life of the project. Capstone engagement activities included analysis and redevelopment of the baseline schedule. The rolling wave schedule includes approximately 12000 activities/milestones.

Amgen, Project Management Organization, Boulder & Longmont, Colorado

Bob Anderson breaks down fermentation tanks in the Pilot Lab at Amgen in Longmont.Capstone has been engaged with the Colorado Project Management Office (PMO) and deployed three consultants to develop project templates that will be used to plan and execute upcoming New Product Introductions. This is a first ever approach by the PMO to integrate all functional teams’ deliverables into a single project plan.
Capstone has successfully implemented an Enterprise Project Management Solution for Amgen. The first deliverable in the evolution of a true EPM was to integrate project schedules into a master schedule which includes manufacturing, new product introduction and construction projects into a lower version of Microsoft Project. After the migration, all new projects and their project managers have the ability to use a common resource database which in turn gives the client added benefit in resource and cost analysis. Capstone personnel also ensure and maintain a high level of integrity and performance of all of the schedules throughout the term of the scope. Capstone has also provided MS Project training for the Colorado PMO.

In addition to the Colorado PMO engagement, Capstone provided a scheduling specialist to fill a “Finite Scheduler” position with the Manufacturing division of Amgen. The Finite Scheduler is responsible for the creation and maintenance of an accurate daily schedule for each production area. This included all production related tasks, as well as the coordination of any maintenance, validation, sampling, and sanitization activities that involve production. Additional responsibilities included: tracking, analyzing, and reporting monthly finite scheduling metrics; facilitating NPI sub-team meetings; facilitating daily client meetings; and providing emergency scheduling solutions due to production related issues.

Sandoz, Broomfield, Colorado

Sandoz, a Novartis company, is a world leading generics pharmaceuticals company based in Broomfield, Colorado. The company develops, manufactures and markets off-patent medicines, as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnological active ingredients. Sandoz reported generic pharmaceutical sales in 2006 were USD 5.9 billion and employs more than 21,000 associates in 110 countries. Capstone has been on contract with Sandoz for 5 years to provide various project management services.

Capstone’s project management support for Sandoz includes Facilities, Construction and Equipment Managers. The project scope includes: schedule development, defining project scope, budget creation and management, resource planning, execution and status for projects to ensure 21CFR & cGMP Compliance. Projects support provided by Capstone included QC Lab Controls, Quality Systems, Manufacturing Controls, Engineering Controls, Cleaning Validation, Process Validation, Secondary Sourcing, Manufacturing Controls, Computer Compliance, Environmental Controls, Facility Modifications, and Material Systems.

Sutter Health – Enterprise-wide Project Management Solution

Capstone provided consulting to Sutter Health to develop an enterprise-wide project management solution to manage Sutter Health’s capital program. The capital program includes more than 200 projects valued at 3.5 billion dollars. The goal of Capstone’s services was to provide Sutter Health with the visibility to keep all members of the organization informed of Capital Program/project initiatives and status; the insight to ensure initiatives support strategic objectives; and the control to make the right decisions in a timely manner and communicate new direction as conditions change.

The project also involved development of project templates and guides. The solution helped Sutter Health more effectively manage both its internal and external resources, including architects and general contractors, throughout the entire project life-cycle from initiation and spatial planning through construction oversight, occupancy, and post-occupancy closeout.

Centura Health, Englewood, Colorado (Completed)

healthcare_centuraCapstone provided pre-construction and construction management services to a number of affiliate hospitals in the Centura Health System for various projects including:

Summit View Surgery Center Renovation
Children’s After Hours Project
Mammography/Ultrasound Relocation and Redesign
ICU Waiting Room Remodel
Clinical Lab Relocation and Redesign
NICU Remodel and Expansion

Following are descriptions of these projects, which include scope summaries and approximate values:

  1. Surgery Center Renovation
    • Project Location: Summit View Surgery Center
    • Project Budget: $241,399.00
    • Final Cost: $251,615.00
    • Completed: 08/2003
  2. Children’s After Hours Project
    • Project Location: Littleton Adventist Hospital – Ground Floor
    • Project Budget: $763,072.00
    • Final Cost: $675,617.00
    • Completed: 07/2003
  3. Mammography/Ultrasound Relocation and Redesign
    • Project Location: Littleton Adventist Hospital – First Floor
    • Project Budget: $1,032,559.00
    • Final Cost: $808,067.00
    • Completed: 01/2004
  4. ICU Waiting Room Remodel
    • Project Location: Littleton Adventist Hospital – Second Floor
    • Project Budget: $69,146.00
    • Final Cost: $66,757.00
    • Completed: 12/03
  5. Clinical Lab Relocation and Redesign
    • Project Location: Littleton Adventist Hospital – First Floor
    • Project Budget: $722,570.00
    • Final Cost: $680,738.00
    • Completed: 04/23/04
  6. NICU Remodel and Expansion
    • Project Location: Littleton Adventist Hospital – Third Floor
    • Project Budget: $2,500,000.00
    • Final Cost: $2,448,276.00
    • Completed: 11/30/04

In addition, Capstone has provided cost engineering and management services for all of Centura Health’s major capital expansion projects, including:

  • Avista Adventist Hospital Expansion
  • Littleton Adventist Hospital Expansion
  • Parker Adventist Hospital
  • Penrose/St. Francis Hospital Expansion
  • St. Mary Corwin Hospital Expansion

For each of these projects, Capstone has been responsible for developing and maintaining the cost reports. The total value of the projects has been in excess of $500M. On a monthly basis, Capstone updates the cost accounts for each project with the current budget, approved invoices and change information. The cumulative costs to date and forecasts for the projected expenditures are calculated for each project. This information is reconciled against Centura Health’s accounting reports and submitted to Centura’s corporate management for review.

In the case of Littleton Adventist Hospital,Capstone met the challenge of completing an independent review of the contractor’s guaranteed maximum price to ensure the expected delivery of services that was fair and within the hospital’s budget. Our efforts earned a letter of commendation from Centura’s Chief Financial Officer and a 5-star rating from the auditor.

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), Los Angeles, California (Current)

education_lausdProject Range – $80,000 to nearly $4 million
The LAUSD contains approximately 900 schools spread out over an area of 708 square miles. LAUSD is managed through 8 administrative units called Local Districts (Local District 1 through 8). Capstone is currently providing 12 consultants to perform project management, construction management, project control (scheduling and budget analysis, etc.) and cost estimating services as a sub consultant through HNTB/Yang Construction Management (CM) Group to LAUSD, Local District 1 and LAUSD Central. Capstone’s personnel lead the Local District 1 and Central staff in the key leadership positions overseeing construction management and controls, as direct LAUSD team members on the management of existing facilities projects. Capstone has been providing these services to LAUSD since July, 2002. Current and recent projects include: Safety and technology installation and retrofit projects, paving, piping, HVAC, fencing, etc.
In addition, this same team (HNTB/Yang/Capstone) was recently awarded additional facilities management work in District 2 as well as the New Construction Project Management contract for District 1.

LAUSD New Facilities
edu_lausd2Capstone was also awarded an on-call Cost Estimating contract in June of 2006 for the New Facilities Division of LAUSD. Capstone is currently providing project estimating support to build a 238,000 square foot facility for Central L.A. High School. It is a performing and visual arts high school designed by famed Austrian architect Coop Himmelblau. The campus will house seven buildings including 950-seat performing arts theater, parking garage/gymnasium, library, cafeteria, and classroom building and it is scheduled to be occupied in June.

Capstone will also provide project estimating support for a proposed plan to build a new high school and a 10-12 acre park at the Belmont Learning Center (BLC). The construction of this project combines the development of 3,100 high school seats in the Pico-Union/Westlake area with a 10-12 acre park to be developed by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.edu_LAUSD_Belmont

National Cancer Institute (NCI), Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland (Completed)

Capstone provided the project management services during the design and construction phases of a number of facility expansion and renovation projects. These services were performed as part of the SAIC and Bechtel Joint Venture, and on a subcontract basis. The approximate total value of the work supported was $17.7M. Services included: general construction management, design management, procurement and commissioning.

  1. Vivarium Renovation, $2.5M
  2. Cancer Clinical Research Laboratory, $9.1M
  3. National Institute of Allergies & Infectious Diseases Laboratory, $2.4M
  4. Developmental Therapeutics Program Laboratory, $3.7M

In addition, Capstone has completed two additional tasks at NCI that are separate from the project management services. For the first, Capstone developed a master baseline schedule and the associated reporting systems for the Facilities Maintenance and Engineering (FME) Department. A template approach was used to provide a consistent project structure and code structure, and also provide a uniform basis for loading the project costs and man-hour information. Different templates, based upon work processes, were used to create the Primavera baseline schedules for each work order.

Capstone’s second task at NCI included making a series of enhancements to the FME Project Management Work Order Baseline Program. The most significant of these was the development of an earned value program (REVS). The REVS feature is used to manage the work scope performance of each work order through project planning, design engineering, procurement, construction, operational turnover, and project closeout.

Amgen, Longmont, Colorado

amgen interiorCapstone staff works as an extension of Amgen personnel to provide Project/Construction management services. Capstone coordinates with subcontractors, generates RFI’s, prepares work packages, performs scheduling, and performs Quality Control on site for various construction projects in support the Amgen facilities in Longmont and Boulder. The projects have included: various maintenance projects – updating and relocating piping, security gates, fire alarms; tenant finish of office space; site planning for modular trailer facilities and Site Engineering goal-setting.

Denver International Airport (DIA)

Capstone is currently on contract with Denver International Airport to provide various on-call estimating services as needed and has also provided other professional services for DIA including project management, scheduling and negotiating.

Project: DIA Roadway Expansion Project
Approximate Construction Cost: $33 Million

Working with Denver International Airport and various Car Rental Agencies, the architect and their design team prepared preliminary plans to add 75,600 SF of new elevated roadway and 66,600 SF of steel framed glass canopy to levels five and six on both the East and West Terminals. This work included demolition of existing lighting, barriers and pedestrian ramps; construction of new elevated roadways using pre-cast concrete columns, beams and double T’s; new topping slabs and pedestrian ramps; and new canopies with curved and tapered steel framing with a glass cover. Capstone provided conceptual statements of probable cost for the design team.

Sandoz – Broomfield, Colorado

Capstone currently provides Sandoz with a number of Facilities Project Managers and schedulers whose responsibilities are to manage, coordinate and delegate tasks to project team members to accomplish project goals. Both Project Managers are responsible for project objectives, budgets and schedules. Duties also include team leadership in the coordination and direction of engineering and construction for facility improvement projects at the Sandoz Broomfield facility.

McData Corporation, Boulder, Colorado

Capstone provided project management services as an owner’s representative for the new corporate campus building. The new campus building consisted of 169,000 square feet of engineering/office space including a 2500 square foot data center. Responsibilities included oversight of the design team/general contractor to ensure that all work was completed to McData Corporation specifications and construction documents, and that costing data was recorded accurately. Other tasks included supervision of contractors in the field to emphasize the highest quality of workmanship while adhering to schedule, standard building codes and OSHA requirements. Capstone also coordinated all operational aspects including building systems commissioning, IT end to end testing, outages and securing of Certificate of Occupancy from local building officials. Capstone was directly charged with managing the installation of mechanical and electrical building systems, data/voice network infrastructure that included a new data center, main distribution facilities and eight intermediate distribution facilities for the Information Technology department.

GE Access, Boulder/Broomfield, Colorado

Capstone provided project management services as an owner’s representative for relocating GE Access personnel from Boulder to Westminster. The new facility is still in design. Capstone also provided project management services as the owner’s representative for relocation GE Access Corporate Headquarters. The scope of the project was an 80,000 square feet tenant finish build out of an existing core and shell building.

Responsibilities for both projects include oversight of internal resources and design team/general contractor, to ensure that all requirements were identified and work was completed to GE Access Corporation specifications and construction documents, and that costing data was recorded accurately. Capstone is responsible for planning and managing the installation of architectural build out, mechanical and electrical building systems, and data/voice network infrastructure. Another Capstone task includes supervision of contractors in the field to emphasize the highest quality of workmanship while adhering to schedule, standard building codes and OSHA requirements. Capstone was also responsible for coordinating the move and all operational aspects including, building systems commissioning, IT infrastructure end to end testing and securing of Certificate of Occupancy from local building officials.

TMR Associates, LLC, Lakewood, Colorado (Current)

Capstone, Inc. is providing project scheduling services for TMR Associates (TMR) for their Advanced Remediation Technologies (ART) Contract. Capstone’s scheduling services for TMR includes the development and resource loading of an integrated master schedule for the ART contract. The schedule will include both manufacturing and field activities for technology development over the next 5 years. Specific duties include scheduling meetings, development of a breakdown structure, defining deliverables and detail time frames and required resources.

Los Angeles Unified School District (Current)

Capstone is on contract for Project/Construction Management, Cost Estimating and Project Controls – $80,000 to $4 million per project. Capstone also has extensive experience in cost estimating for Education Facilities – K – 12 and University.

Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center, Lafayette, Colorado (Current)

Approximate Construction Cost: $130,000,000
costest_exemplaClient: Exempla Healthcare/Technical Projects Services, Inc.
This new facility includes a new full service hospital housing 261,000 SF of Diagnostic and Treatment space and 214,000 SF of Patient Tower space, a Central Plant, and related site work. Capstone is providing cost estimates and reconciliation with the selected general contractor.

U.S. Department of State, Overseas Building Operations (OBO) (Current)

Capstone provides cost estimating services directly to the Department of State for U.S Embassies worldwide. There are currently two Capstone personnel on staff with the Department of State to provide costing support for new embassy construction, annexes and upgrades. In addition, Capstone provides independent estimating for U.S. Embassy projects. Recent projects include embassies in Beirut, Mexico (Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez), Jerusalem, New Delhi, Afghanistan and Baghdad.

City of Fort Collins Utilities (Colorado) – on call

Municipal Projects (Current)

County of Riverside (California) – on call

Municipal Projects (Current)

City of Pasadena (California) – various

Municipal Projects (Current)

Clark Construction

Municipal Projects (Current)

Denver International Airport (Current) – on call

Parikh Stevens Architects (Current)

Project: Housing Authorities Denver Housing Authority (DHA)
Hirschfield Towers Remodel – $6 million

Odell Architecture (Current)

Project: Aurora Housing Authority (Corporation) Dallas Street Remodel – $5.5 million

costest_centuraauroraCentura Aurora Healthcare Center, Aurora, Colorado (Completed)

Approximate Construction Cost: $30,000,000

This new facility included a new 100,000 SF Healthcare Center, a new 80,000 SF Physician Practice Center, a new Central Plant, and related site work. Capstone staff provided cost estimates during programming and cost checks against the selected general contractor during pre-construction.

costest_centuracrownptCentura Crown Point Hospital, Parker, Colorado (Completed)

Approximate Construction Cost: $89,000,000
For this new 200,000 SF hospital in Parker, Colorado, Capstone provided project program and conceptual estimates. Upon selection of the GMP contractor, Capstone provided detailed check estimates and reconciliation with the contractor estimates.

costest_cuhealthsciResearch Complex 1 & 2, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado (Completed)

Approximate Construction Cost: $216,000,000
This new facility included two new 300,000 SF research towers. Capstone provided detailed cost estimating, value engineering, reconciliation and negotiation with the CM/GC on behalf of the owner.

costest_lauscmedctrLA County (LAC) + USC Medical Center Replacement, Los Angeles, California (Completed)

Approximate Construction Cost: $500,000,000
This hospital campus replacement project included construction of a new 600 bed Inpatient Facility, a new Outpatient Building, a Diagnostic and Treatment Building, a new Central Plant, site work, and demolition of existing facilities. Capstone staff provided cost estimating during design for the design team, including reconciliation with the County of Los Angeles Construction Management Team.

costest_lomalindaLoma Linda University Medical Center Seismic Upgrade, Loma Linda, CA (Completed)

Approximate Construction Cost: $20,000,000

Capstone provided program, conceptual cost estimating and value engineering services. This 600,000 SF campus project included the addition of concrete shear walls, moment frames, grade beams and piers, and demolition and renovation work within the towers.


costest_jesseowens1Jesse Owens Memorial Complex, Dallas, Texas (Completed)

Approximate Project Cost: $31,591,000
Architects: HKS, Inc.

Stadium Services:

This new 12,000+ seat stadium for football, soccer, track and band competitions includes press box, 6000 seat home side, 6000 seat visitor side, artificial turf field, 8 lane all weather track with other track and field amenities, and concessions, ticketing and restrooms. Current Capstone staff provided master plan scheduling and scheduling oversight for design teams during the preconstruction phase.

costest_jesseowens2Field house Services:

This new 108,000 SF facility houses 7500+ seats for basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and graduation. The project includes locker rooms, meeting rooms and training space, concessions, ticketing and restrooms. Capstone staff provided master plan scheduling and scheduling oversight for design teams during the preconstruction phase.

Stapleton South Fire Station #26, Denver, Colorado (Completed)

costest_stapletonApproximate Construction Cost – $3.6 million
Client: Oz Architecture

A 15,000 SF fire station was needed to support residential growth at Stapleton. The concept by the architects was to capture a traditional “old school” look by constructing a tower and using brick as the veneer. Capstone provided detailed cost estimates for the entire project.

costest_anschutzAnschutz Center for Advanced Medicine, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado (Completed)

Outpatient Pavilion – Approximate Project Cost: $119,000,000
Cancer Pavilion – Approximate Project Cost: $28,000,000
Client: Oz Architecture

This new facility includes a 476,000 SF Outpatient Pavilion and a 106,000 SF Cancer Pavilion providing treatment, research and education to the community. Capstone provided detailed cost estimating, value engineering, reconciliation and negotiation with the CM/GC on behalf of the owner. Capstone is currently providing cost estimating for the design of an addition to the Cancer Pavilion.

costest_centuralittletonCentura Littleton Adventist Hospital, Littleton, Colorado (Completed)

Approximate Project Cost: $50,000,000
This new facility included a new 118,000 SF addition to the existing hospital housing new Emergency, Radiology, Women’s Center and Surgery departments, renovation of 31,000 SF of existing Radiology space, a Central Plant addition, and related site work. Capstone staff provided cost estimates and value engineering throughout design and checks against the selected general contractor.

costest_invescoInvesco Field at Mile High, Denver, Colorado (Completed)

Approximate Construction Cost: $400,000,000
Denver’s newest state of the art sports facility and home to the Denver Broncos. Capstone performed on-site CPM scheduling for the CM/GC, Turner Construction.

costest_coconventionColorado Convention Center Expansion, Denver, Colorado (Completed)

Approximate Project Cost: $212,000,000
Client: Fentress Bradburn

The expansion of the existing Colorado Convention Center includes a total of 1,345,300 SF of new space housing new ballrooms, meeting rooms, exhibit space, a 5,000 seat lecture hall, a 1,000 car parking structure and elevated truck dock, relocation of an existing city street and light rail line with a new light rail station and related site development. Capstone staff provided cost estimating, value engineering and scheduling support during design and reconciliation with the negotiated GMP contractor.